Thursday, September 3, 2009

NT Pod 11: Wealth and Poverty in the Gospel of Luke

The NT Pod episode 11 discusses Wealth and Poverty in the Gospel of Luke.

It is nine minutes and ten seconds long. Feel free to leave your comments below.

NT Pod Episode 11: Wealth and Poverty in Luke's Gospel (mp3)

Key texts: Luke 1:52-53; Luke 4:16; Luke 5:11; Luke 5:28; Luke 6:20; Luke 6.24; Luke 12:15-21; Luke 14:33; Luke 16:19-31.

Programme notes: NT Blog.

Thanks to Ram2000, Me and You, for the opening theme, released under a Creative Commons agreement.


  1. Prof. Goodacre-

    Great stuff! Since I graduated this past May and am now in the dreary working world, I don't get the chance to hear academic discussions of the NT that often, so I listen to the NT Pod on my way to work.

    The audio seems much improved since you early days of testing it on our class last Spring (and quite a nice theme). The only small criticism I have is that you sound a bit like you are talking as if not to disturb someone sleeping nearby. I know it's a different medium, but it doesn't have the energy as your lectures.

    Thanks again and I'm looking forward to more!
    Tyler DuPont

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by, Tyler, and for your kind comments.

    You are right about the difference between these podcasts and my lectures. It's largely a conscious decision. I did not want the podcasts to sound like an online lecture, not least because I am speaking directly into people's ears here, or in their car stereo, or wherever they are. I feel it's a privilege to have people invite me to chat to them, as it were, in those spaces, and so feel that I need to be a little more gentle and measured in approach. However, I do think that I could perhaps be a bit more lively in these podcasts, and I noticed when listening to ep. 9 that it sounded a bit boring, and I've tried to cheer it up a bit over 10 and 11. What I think I should do more is to have a couple of extra gear changes, a couple of digressions, perhaps a bit more humour. I am giving that some thought.

    And the other thing to add is that only paying customers like you get the real deal. The rest just get the podcast :)

    Thanks again for your encouraging and helpful comments.

  3. The Mr. Spock intertexture was quite nice. Vulcan eschatological reflection is an under-researched area, unless James McGrath has worked on it.

  4. Ha ha, thanks, Brian. When I found myself saying "life long and prosper", I thought, "Oh, I'd better re-take that" and then I thought better of it and decided to keep it in.

  5. Dear Mark:

    Another excellent podcast. With respect to the level of liveliness... I suppose I'm just an NT geek because I found them all engaging and lively. Your delivery is always professional, well enunciated, concise and well-focused. I have listened to other podcasts with lots of stammering punctuated with lots of "umms" and "errs" -- things never to be found on NTPOD. I will be featuring a little series on Luke over on my blog beginning next week and will certainly direct my folks over here.
    Fr. Dan

  6. This has helped loads with my AS Religious Studies revision, many thanks!

  7. Thanks, Maddie. I'm pleased it helped!

  8. I loved the Lt. Columbo reference -- great old show.

  9. I'm a theological teacher in Hong Kong and I'm being asked to write an article for a church conference on Biblical teachings on poverty. I stumbled upon your message on the web and I'm amazed how you could summarize Luke's position in such concise terms. Thank you for this delightful talk. This is a very good core message to build upon.

  10. Many thanks for your encouragement, win yan.