Sunday, February 7, 2010

NT Pod Extended Episode 2: The Synoptic Problem 2

This is an extra, extended episode of the NT Pod. It is the second of three extended episodes on the Synoptic Problem, edited recordings of my classes on the topic for an Introduction to the New Testament class at Duke University (February 2010).

This episode is 50 minutes long.

NT Pod Extended Episode 2: The Synoptic Problem 2 (mp3)

NT Pod Extended Episode 2: The Synoptic Problem 2 (mp3) (Alternative location)

The regular NT Pod related to this topic is NT Pod 24: Was Mark the first Gospel?

If you would like to follow along the extended podcast with the class handout, you can download it here:

Lecture Handout: Marcan Priority (PDF)

Thanks to Ram2000, Me and You, for the opening theme, released under a Creative Commons agreement.


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  2. My fault. It's now fixed. Thanks for pointing it out.

  3. Thanks. I really appreciate you posting these resources; they're very helpful.

  4. Thank you so much for these extended podcasts. They're really wonderful - I appreciate the greater depth these go into. Please consider releasing more extended episodes in the future. Truly fascinating stuff.

  5. Thanks very much, Daryl. I have had so much encouraging feedback on these that I am definitely thinking of doing more.

  6. I recently found this Podcast and am enjoying them on my long bicycle rides. In the last couple of rides, I have listened to the extended podcasts on the synoptic problem. In episode 2 (I think) you talked about editorial fatigue when discussion Markan priority. I have noticed something similar in current books. You might call it author fatigue. I see especially in business books. The author has 2 or 3 really good ideas which they try to stretch into a book. The first half or so is really interesting, but the last half is repetition or trivialities. I rarely finish one of those books. Do you see anything similar in NT books?

    As you are fond of saying, "one more thing". I have a suggestion for a future podcast. What did Jesus have against figs? I read today the passage from Mark 11:12-26 where Jesus curses a fig tree just because he was hungry and it didn't have any figs, even though figs were out of season.

    Thanks for helping me pass the time on my bicycle in a productive way.

    Chuck Eklund

  7. Many thanks, Chuck. I have often meant to try to do more with contemporary analogies for authorial fatigue, not least since I do have one or two examples. I enjoyed your comments on the figs!