Wednesday, December 21, 2011

NT Pod 58: An Alternative Version of the Christmas Story

NT Pod 58 discusses the Protevangelium of James and its alternative version of the Christmas story. It is 14 minutes long.

NT Pod 58: An Alternative Version of the Christmas Story (mp3)

Key texts: Protevangelium of James

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Thanks to Ram2000, Me and You, for the opening theme, released under a Creative Commons agreement.


  1. Very interesting and so well presented - as always. Happy Christ-mas and wishing you and your family a fruitful and successful and healthy and happy new year.

  2. Thanks, Trevor. And a very happy Christmas to you and yours!

  3. Another great podcast, Mark! A blessed Christmas to you!
    Fr. Dan

  4. Thanks, Fr. Dan. And a happy Christmas to you too.

  5. Love the clarity with which you introduce this very interesting text. I entirely agree with your comment that this text deserves to be known more widely. I for one assign its reading as part of the course on Matthew and Mark (the one for which you gave a Skype presentation on Markan priority); students read the text after we covered the Matthean Infancy Narrative. The two passages you highlighted (the midwife, and the freeze frame) never fail to fascinate, while students, especially the roman catholic ones, are surprised at the number of details from this text they already know through tradition (the names of Mary's parents; Joseph's staff flowering; Mary's upbringing in the Temple; Joseph's sons; etc.). Have you had the opportunity to see the Nativity Icon? It has the two midwives attending to Mary

  6. Thanks, St├ęphane. No, I don't think I have seen the icon you mention.