Monday, March 23, 2020

NT Pod 90: How was the Forgery of the Gospel of Jesus' Wife Confirmed?

NT Pod 90, "How was the Forgery of the Gospel of Jesus' Wife Confirmed?", is the final episode in in the series of four podcasts on the Gospel of Jesus' Wife. It is just over eighteen minutes long.

NT Pod 90: How was the Forgery of the Gospel of Jesus' Wife Confirmed? (mp3)

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  1. The thing I find striking about Sabar's Atlantic piece is the whole deliberate (on the part of Fritz) conceit of Fritz's wife – like Jesus' one in the forged gospel – being anonymous. The anonymity serves no ostensible purpose, as anyone who wanted to buy her book is provided with the search terms to find it immediately. This really functions once more as a joke at the expense of scholars, who, unless they frequent that prestigious Eastern Pee-Pee Land institution, are unlikely to consider looking up "universal truths" and "automatic writing" as being worth their time.

    1. Nice point! I hadn't thought of that. Arguably, Jesus' Wife = Mary in the Gospel of Jesus' Wife, though?