Thursday, September 13, 2018

NT Pod 82: What are the Gospels?

NT Pod 82 asks "What are the Gospels?". It is 24 minutes long.

NT Pod 82: What are the Gospels? (mp3)

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Thanks to Ram2000, "Me and You", for the opening theme, released under a Creative Commons agreement.


  1. Wonderful! And happy to hear you are writing a book about the fourth Gospel author imaginatively rewriting and augmenting tales in the earlier three Gospels. That is my own view, and I have been collecting information along those lines for years for a book of my own on Gospel Trajectories. Would love to share with you some of my info as well as hear more about your own arguments or at least a list of what articles and books you have found most helpful in supporting your conclusion.

  2. as one of the co-teachers of this scripture class at duke, i want to say how much i enjoyed this, and what an amazing model of clarity and conciseness i found this to be!