Thursday, September 13, 2018

NT Pod 83: Who Wrote the Gospels? And When?

NT Pod 83 asks "Who wrote the Gospels, and when?" It is 21 minutes long.

NT Pod 83: Who wrote the Gospels, and when? (mp3)

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Thanks to Ram2000, "Me and You", for the opening theme, released under a Creative Commons agreement.

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  1. Justin Martyr (first quarter to mid 2nd cenury) seems to quote the gospels. but, was it not Tischendorf who said that only a couple of these sayings actually match our canonical gospels? All we know about Papias comes from the hand of a later church father and we cannot confirm if what he reported is fact, rumour or fiction.
    The date range of the gospels as we have could be anywhere between post 70 and mid 2nd century.