Thursday, October 3, 2019

NT Pod 84: Occam's Razor and Q

NT Pod 84 discusses Occam's Razor and Q. It is 20 minutes long.

NT Pod 84: Occam's Razor and Q (mp3)

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  1. It's great that you are starting these again, Mark. I first got "into" the NTPod a few years ago when training to be a Reader (aka Licensed Lay Minister) in the Church of England. I helped clarify my understanding on a number of things.

    Do you have any info or can you point me in the direction of any info on why it makes more sense to see Luke as relying on Matthew (and Mark) rather than Matthew relying on Luke (and Mark), please? In this podcast you speak of Luke structuring his gospel in a similar way to Mark (if I've got that right) as part of explaining why some material has been taken out of Matthew's Sermon on the Mount, but we could equally well argue in the opposite direction, couldn't we? I've not been able to find anything substantial anywhere arguing why Matthew relying on Luke is less plausible than vice versa.

    Time for Alan to listen to no. 85.

    1. Many thanks, Alan. Yes, I have recently written a paper on that topic (not yet published), and am planning on discussing it in a future ep. of the NT Pod.