Wednesday, October 9, 2019

NT Pod 85: What is Sourceomania?

NT Pod 85 asks "What is Sourceomania". It is thirteen minutes long.

NT Pod 85: What is Sourceomania (mp3)

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Thanks to Ram2000, "Me and You", for the opening theme, released under a Creative Commons agreement.

1 comment:

  1. Great podcast Mark, I quite enjoyed it. :)
    Re: John, it seems to me that the recent movement in scholarship back to arguing for John's knowledge of the synoptics (assuming this is not parallelomania!) undermines further the case for Q. For if the argument goes that Luke has no knowledge of Matthew because he wouldn't have e.g. knowingly written a genealogy different to Matthew's, then why does John with knowledge of the synoptics do things like place the crucifixion of Jesus the day before Passover against Mark and others? Have any Q theorists considered this problem, or do they generally hold to Johannine independence?